Domestic Investigations 

If you are looking for a private investigator to help resolve a personal matter, the first thing you should know is I take your peace of mind seriously.

Whether you have suspicions about spousal infidelity, child abuse or neglect, or maybe you met Mr. Right online and want to make sure he’s not hiding anything – you can count on me to listen with empathy and compassion, then find the truth.

Getting your fears laid to rest will often help you move on with your life, and as one of Vermont’s most accomplished investigators, I will put my skills and resources to work for you.


Sometimes only a close observation will expose the truth. This is especially true when it comes to investigating a cheating or abusive spouse, or suspected child abuse and neglect. These cases are difficult and painful for everyone involved, but if there is evidence of wrongdoing, I do everything I can to find it. All evidence I deliver will be legal and admissible in court, strengthening your case to the very end.

High resolution video and images are powerful tools that tell the real story, and I use them regularly. Does your husband sneak out of the office in the middle of the day to meet with a lover? Is your ex-wife pulling your kid out of school for unexplained absences? I will find out.

Missing Person Investigations

Skiptracing, or missing person investigations, is one of the most rewarding services I provide. Regardless of the reason you are trying to find someone, I take many precautions to ensure the information we deliver is accurate and useful, double checking every lead and verifying data using industry-grade research tools.

Asset Searches

When people hide assets during a settlement or negotiation, they manipulate the outcome at your expense. This commonly happens during divorces, litigation, business transactions, and other situations where two parties are trying to reach a settlement.

In most cases, private investigators cannot legally get access to assets directly from a person’s financial institution, but we are able to investigate them through alternative means.

Internet Dating Investigations

Have you found Mr. or Mrs. Right on an online dating site? Congratulations! I hope this is the beginning of a wonderful relationship. You might be wondering, though, if your perfect match is being honest about his/her history and intentions. You have a right to be suspicious.

Internet dating scams are increasing as more people turn to the Internet to find romance, and most users are not aware of the risks. Online dating scammers create fictitious profiles, tailored to the type of person they hope to steal from. These people go to great lengths to establish trust so they can steal, launder money, or commit other predatory crimes.

Internet dating scams are serious crimes resulting in more than just a broken heart. Victims have lost substantial sums of money and had their identity stolen. I will conduct meticulous background checks across several platforms, finding out who your suitor really is and where the messages are coming from.

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