Criminal Defense & Mitigation

Over the last twenty years, I have built a reputation in Vermont and Northern New York as a skilled and experienced voice in the defense community. If you need a fact investigator who knows how to develop a successful mitigation case, a professional who will stand by your client from beginning to end – Let me work with you.

Fact Investigator and Storyteller

I take a holistic approach to defense investigations, turning over every stone I find in search of the truth. I work closely with attorneys assigned or retained, to represent defendants in court. I will interview witnesses, gather records, go to crime scenes, work with clients, and digest and summarize complex discovery. While I actively investigate fact issues, I am always keeping an eye on potential sources of mitigation.

While prosecutors focus on what happened during the crime, I delve into why it happened, uncovering mitigating circumstances that make an impact on sentencing. This requires extensive research into your client’s past, including family life, mental health, role models, abuse, neglect, and other critical pieces that determine how he/she got to this point in their lives. Before the court passes judgment on your client, let me investigate the facts and help you convey the whole story leading to this moment in your client’s life.

Criminal Background and Social Network Checks

Some of the most influential events involved in a criminal case include the client’s and witness’s history with the law. I will thoroughly investigate prior arrests, convictions, offenses, and incarceration records and help you figure out how they fit into the context of the present situation. I will also examine a target’s social networking profile to develop additional information that can be used in court.

Case Consultations

Are you a defense attorney looking for another professional to brainstorm your case? I have worked on hundreds of cases in state and federal courts, from petit larceny to capital murder and just about everything in between. I can help you evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of your case and search for mitigating circumstances that will improve the outcome for your client.

Sentencing Mitigation Packages

Preparing a case for sentencing requires a deep dive into a client’s life story. I will gather life history records and interview and get letters of support from trusted family and friends. Often a client’s story can be better told with visuals and I will collect and take photographs and videos that can be presented at sentencing.

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