Background Checks

Are you doing research about a new employee or tenant? Trying to vet a potential witness for trial? I offer thorough background checks for any need my clients have, including new hires, criminal investigations, military records, license verifications, and driving records.

As a licensed private investigator, I have access to tools that offer greater accuracy and detail than search engines used by private citizens. I also abide by all legal standards of background research, making sure the work I produce is safe and admissible in court.

There is no uniform process for background checks since they encompass such a wide variety of uses. I will customize the investigation according to your needs, focusing on areas that concern you the most.

People Finding and Skiptracing

Skiptracing applies to a missing person investigation. These cases are a passion of mine.

Putting together the pieces to find another human being is one of the most rewarding jobs I have. I’ve tracked down people that have inherited money from a recently deceased family member, and even delivered a love letter to someone’s high school sweetheart 20 years after they graduated!

Whatever the reason for trying to find someone, you should avoid using websites that claim to “find anyone for less than $50!” You will get what you pay for, which is often just a collection of old addresses, many of which were used by other people who share part of the name of the person you are seeking.

When you hire me for skiptracing, you are placing your trust in a skilled investigator with a proven record of success. I will use my considerable resources – including industry-grade search tools and databases – to double check any leads we uncover, making sure you only get quality, reliable information. Let me help you find and connect with the person you are missing.

Pre-Employment Checks

Used by businesses and organizations of all sizes, this research is instrumental for evaluating the character of a potential employee and finding possible risks. The results include verification of previously employment, licensing credentials, criminal history, and motor vehicle checks.

Verifying Licenses & Credentials

Researching professional licenses is not easy. The sheer number of licenses and governing agencies involved with them can make verification time consuming and cumbersome. I will confirm or deny the person’s claims, while also reporting any violations or revocations you might care about.

Due Diligence Investigations

Before an organization signs a contract or enters a business agreement with another partner, it’s a good idea to conduct a due diligence investigation.

The purpose is to ensure you are entering the agreement with good information from the other side and making sure nothing has been hidden that might impact your decision to move forward. This investigative work looks at the other party’s history so that you can project future performance and assess risk with greater accuracy.

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