Vermont Investigation Services, LLC
Vermont Investigation Services, LLC

Private Investigator Andrew Bartnick

For over twenty years I have worked in state and federal courts, delivering results to defense teams and to private citizens looking for peace of mind. I have testified in United States District Court, and Vermont State Criminal and Civil Courts. I have interviewed hundreds of witnesses and I’ve been trusted with cases big and small. I have served as faculty, presenting to the National Defense Investigator Association, The Vermont Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and the Vermont and New Hampshire State Public Defender’s.

You googled me for a reason. You are looking for an experienced professional Private Investigator. Whether you are an attorney preparing a case for trial or settlement negotiations, an employer checking on a new hire, or someone checking on a spouse or love interest – I will listen without judgment and work tirelessly to uncover the truth.

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What Private Investigators Are Really Like

Hint: You won’t find them on Law & Order or Magnum PI

Television paints an interesting picture of what the life of a private eye is like. Allow me to set the record straight.


They drive Ferraris.
Magnum has a cool mustache.
They drink in the middle of the day.


I drive a little blue car.
I have an uber-cool beard (points for me!).
I take my dog for a walk, and pick up the tab.

My work is rarely glamorous, but always rewarding. I’ve always felt like investigators are the offensive lineman of the legal system. If we work hard and do a good job, the team succeeds. I am not looking for glory or accolades. I am looking to help my clients. My approach has always been client-centric. You can learn a lot when you are genuinely interested in them. A sense of curiosity has driven me throughout my career, helping me deliver results to people across Vermont and Northern New York. I’ll take mountains and maple syrup over Hawaiian shirts and palm trees any day, and besides, a Ferrari would never survive mud season.

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